A Farfetched Red Carpet




Awards season is upon us! I was asked by Farfetch to create a red carpet look of my dreams using items on their site. These three dresses are my runners up, but the look I ultimately chose is…

This absolutely stunning Carolina Herrera embroidered gown dress.



I know, I know, there’s a really good chance you’re staring at your computer screen, seriously feeling all skeptical hippo; but hear (read?) me out.
I realize this dress is out there, and I may have taken the guidelines of “take inspiration from the red carpet looks of 2016 and yesteryear” a little too far into yesteryear – but the dress just screams Jane Austen to me. And sure, maybe I’m a little bit prejudice (*high fives self*) due to my involvement in a Jane Austen web series, but I think the idea of a modernized Austen-Era gown appearing on a red carpet is so much fun. Also, it’s totally 2016, because what’s more modern then some extreme fashion risks being taken by celebrities? Honestly, I could see Elle Fanning or Lupita Nyong’o easily pulling something like this off (or at the very least, giving it a solid effort).
I tried to mix in some more modern, but simple jewelry; there’s so much going on with the dress, too much bling would quickly turn the whole thing into a mess. With the shoes, again, I wanted something simple and solid, I looked and green and red options and just thought these Gianvito Rossi pumps fit perfectly. The richness of the red matches that of the gold in the dress, and the cutout sides add another modern flare into the classic pump look.
Personally, I think this look is great – but then again, if I were at Oscar-going status, I’d be having llama print dresses custom made for me, so clearly I’m all for risks!

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