Fridaye’s Favorite Things: 0.26

Yes! I’m back with favorites at last! Enjoy this weeks picks 😀


Newly and wonderfully obsessed with the artwork on Valfre. The girls are sweet but sassy, demure but provocative, whimsical but classic. I don’t know how all those things are possible at once, but it is. And I’m very happy about it. I want all the prints! This Luna is definitely my favorite.


Oh hey and they have clothes too!? Goodbye, I have found my new happy place. Clearly I’m on a moon kick right now, as I am also SUPER feelin’ this jacket.



In other news, I desperately want a fashionable camera bag/purse combo. This one from Etsy shop Sunrise Nomad is pretty great.



Irreverent – yes, still fantastic? Even more yes. This looks like the proper amount of morning grump! The lovely Joanna Sotomura from Emma Approved sent me a link to this mug – because she gets me. ❤


Wahhhht more cats?! Well duh! This leather bag is ADORABLE! In fact all of the bags and clutches at La Lisette are adroable. The watermelon, the raccoon, everything… I’m quite a fan of quirky, cute shaped purses these days. Unfortunately, I don’t own any because… well, money. But I can still find all the best ones around!


Alright. This backpack is so fantastic, I cannot even. It’s gorgeous and handmade in Spain. Thank you Spain.



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