Mermaid Dreams


Oh, there are so many fun goodies going on in this post 🙂 I’m playing with Britelights temporary hair color, fantastic Tobi summer wear, Rocksbox jewels, and even my Cakeworthy beanie. Because when you feel like a mermaid, you wear a beanie to declare it 😀 Ah, and a flower crown, because I just couldn’t focus with this look, okay?










So this is my Boho Hippie Land-Mermaid look, but please don’t feel overwhelmed, somehow those things all go together quite magically. Okay, time to focus, where should I start??

This dress! A maxi cloud dream from Tobi, it’s light and a perfect maxi dress for summer with a gorgeous drop back and tie-die/cloud-like pattern. It’s super comfy to wear and I felt so elegant/casual, which I don’t think is a thing I’ve ever felt before. I don’t even know if it is a thing… but it is now.

On to my hair – oh my goodness, I’m absolutely obsessed with Britelites. Being an actress, it’s a risk I’m not brave enough to take, dying my hair some of the popular fun and funky colors that so many are opting for these days. But I have coveted purple hair for quite some time now. With Britelites, I can change up my hair color every day and then just wash it right out. And, AND they’re cruelty-free, use natural ingredients (and smell like lavender – win win win), handmade, and moisturize your hair. I like to describe them as hair pastels, as opposed to hair chalk. Their purpose is for low lights and highlights, and anything else creative. This look also used some of their new glitter sticks, however, I have to try again for a more obvious look (oh darn!).

The Rocksbox jewels are elegant and fabulous as always, don’t forget, you can still get a month free with code dayebrahamlincolnxoxo – Don’t miss out – I absolutely LOVE getting mine 🙂

Lastly, Cakeworthy can do no wrong, I honestly have nothing else to say on the matter.

Lookout for some more fun summer looks coming from me via Tobi – and if you just can’t wait, be sure to check out their DressesCrop TopsRompersBodycon Dresses, and Skirts!

This Look: Dress c/o TOBI – Hair c/o Britelites – Beanie//Cakeworthy – Earrings&Bracelet//Rocksbox





“I’ll dream of a mermaid lagoon underneath a magic moon” – Peter Pan


6 thoughts on “Mermaid Dreams

  1. You are gorgeous and I love your style! I am so psyched about the temporary hair color you posted about as I’ve been looking for something to use on a vacation that is easy to wash out! Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to following you!


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