Suburban Gothic


Mixing black & neon today with more Tobi summer love ❤







I love this weird look! Confession…it kind of came about by way of randomly throwing things on and realizing they went pretty well together. Okay, confession…that’s how I put together most of my outfits – You don’t have to be an expert of “fashion” to dress yourself! 😀 Just find what interests you, and wear it!

This dress – (is it a maxi? is it a midi? it hits so many levels, I’m not sure what to label it as! let’s call it maxi)… this Maxi Dress from Tobi is so unique and fun, I cannot wait to wear it always this summer. The cut of the skirt and the neckline are both totally different from what I’m use to seeing, and the lace back is so pretty. Plus look how nice it is when it flows in the wind 🙂 Basically, it’s just funky! So I threw on these funky shoes (that I got at Ross for a steal of a price, mind you) and these funky sunglasses (a gift) and I’m just flowing in funky vibes. But the good kind. Cuz that sounded a bit weird.

I honestly love this look, it ended up this weird modern fusion that reminds me of vintage photos of girls at the pool, or beach, in their round sunglasses and big hats! I also still have my colorful Britelites hair to match my crazy colorful shoes. Oh! And my Gorjana necklace from Rocksbox went perfectly. I love a good, simple, long necklace as a statement piece. It suits me better than chunkier necklaces (which I am not judging, I just don’t personally feel they quite fit my style.) I’ve said it before, but I seriously recommend Rocksbox, it’s a really cheap way to always have great quality jewelry that you literally can’t overwear, because you only have it for a month! Plus with my code (dayebrahamlincolnxoxo) you can get one month free 😉

This Look: Dress c/o Tobi – Hair c/o Britelites – Shoes//Circus by Sam Edelman – Bandeau//Urban Outfitters  


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If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun. Katharine Hepburn

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