Fridaye’s Favorite Things: 0.32


I’m really digging this list of 42 literary quotes via BuzzFeed Books. I love quotes and there’s always something romantic and nostalgic about summer, so this is a good thing to have a list of!

I’m really into Bob’s Burgers at the moment, so naturally… this mug. I recommend it; it’s super bizarre and I find it hilarious. The show I mean. But also the mug. 


This Herbology chart is so awesome, I feel like a lot of people wouldn’t even realize they were fake plants at first! Well… except for maybe the Mandrake…

I die, I die – just look at the cute little Triceratops! Ahhh I just wanna hug and squeeze him. But, since that’s not really possible, I would definitely settle for this pin.

I saved the best for last. THESE CANDLE SKILLS ARE AMAZING! People are so talented. Not only that, but people are so talented at the most unique things! I’ve watched this video more than once, I find the process so fascinating. Now you too, can enjoy 🙂



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