A Caturday Unboxing – KitNipBox


Happy Caturday! Recently, Fuzz and I were lucky enough to try out KitNipBox! Well, really, Fuzz got to try all the goodies, and I watched him have his fun and took pictures 🙂 Read below to find out about a special discount code!

KitNipBox is a monthly box full of goodies for your feline friend(s)! It comes with toys, treats, and other healthy, fun products. Fuzz doesn’t really “cat well”, as my roommate likes to put it. He rarely musters the energy to move around and play, preferring to watch toys swing by his face, rather than actively participate. So, I was pleasantly surprised when he took interest in several of the toys. He in fact, has already loved one toy to death multiple times. Read about Fuzz’s reactions to everything in the box below; and use Fuzz15 to get 15% off your first KitNipBox! ❤


Here’s everything that came in our box!


Also, a video of the actual unboxing for your viewing pleasure! The cat’s in it, so it’s cute and stuff.

Ocala Seagrass Disc: made with natural fibers and feather! Unfortunately, Fuzz has not taken much of an interest in this particular toy, but he often doesn’t when he has to move them around by himself.

Think Cat! Wrestler: A fun catnip toy! Another toy he doesn’t seem to comprehend, but I also haven’t let him have it too much due to the catnip and him being insane enough as is.

Ocala Dragonfly Wand: HE IS OBSESSED. This is the toy that makes Fuzz cat like a cat. Jumping, gnawing, batting etc. Unfortunately, he also fails to realize his mouth is full of sharp teeth that chew through things easily (like headphone cords and phone chargers *sigh*) and in less than a week of having this, he chewed through the string three times. Yes three. We tied it back together, but it can only last so long under these conditions. We even tried hiding it from him and he would find it and look at us with judgement in his eyes. This cat is ridiculous.

OurPets Mouse in Sheep’s Clothing: Surprisingly, I have  seen him occasionally figure out how to amuse himself solo with this little guy. Also, the name is too cute.

Prime Taste Treats Interactive Jerky Snacks: Jerky salmon snacks, individually wrapped and easy to break up. What’s not to love here.

OurPets Play-N-Treat 2pc Treat Balls: These are similar to the toys dogs have where you put the treats inside and they play to get them out. Maybe other cats are smarter, but Fuzz sure doesn’t understand the concept of this one. That, or he’s all “yah right, just give me the snack lady, I’m not working for it”. Both are possible.

Safemade Ladybug: Another catnip toy! He sniffs it, but I haven’t caught him playing with it yet.





Don’t forget, with the code Fuzz15, you can get 15% off your first KitNipBox and watch your furry friends have as much fun as this guy.


signature2& Fuzz  😉



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