Fridaye’s Favorite Things: 0.35 – Goddess Box Edition

You Goddess, You!

I had the pleasure of unboxing and reviewing this month’s Goddess Provisions box! This was such an exciting box to get, full of wonderful and fun goddess goodies; look below for details and an unboxing video!


What is Goddess Provisions, you might be asking. Well, direct from their website they state: “We created Goddess Provisions as a way to share the tools we’ve found to help us connect with our divine feminine and grow our spiritual practice.”

I don’t know what you believe in, but I believe in being spiritual and connecting with energy and nature and appreciating all that’s around me. So when I found out about Goddess Provisions, I just had to try it out for myself! Also, I can always use help connecting to myself in general; and connecting to my divine feminine sounds pretty empowering and badass.  Soooo, let’s take a look at what I got! 🙂

Flourite Wand


My favorite! A flourite wand to boost mental clarity and expand psychic and spiritual awareness. This wand is so gorgeous, I love the colors, and goodness knows I can use help on mental clarity!

Dancing Love Organics


A patchouli based aromatherapy oil to ground and inspire. They encourage you to set your intentions while applying the oil, and include a wonderful meditation and this great malachite stone. In reading up on malachite, I’ve found it stated to be good for many things. Among them, protection, clearing chakras, opening your heart, and attracting people.

Momoko Therapeutics


This is a neat little product. It’s a spray to mimic and evoke the same effects as burning herbs and resins to clean and purify a space! It’s scented with Palo Santo, Egyptian Frankincense, Sage, and a blend of essential oils. (Spoiler, it smells divine). It says to spray before cleansing, yoga, or meditation. Good Vibes Only!

Blue Sage Smudge Stick


Now for your traditional smudging methods… blue sage! Again, this is used for cleansing space from negative energy. It’s tiny and adorable (and smells much better than regular sage in my opinion). But I have been told that just burning sage can be unwise, as getting rid of negative energy just creates an empty space. Instead, it’s good to burn something positive, like lavender, along with it to make sure that the empty space is replaced by good things!  (I may or may not have done a ton of Wicca research for a play I was in ^_^)

Enemy To Fashion


Pins, pins, pins. I love pins. Give me all the pins. I love this pin! One more to add to the collection I’m slowly growing. One can always use a helpful (and fashionable) reminder to stay positive!

Blue Lotus Chai


Yum! Instant chai tea mix, with the addition of Turmeric – for anti-inflammatory benefits, and Maca – for mood and energy boosting! This little packet says it makes 17 cup and even comes with a tiny bamboo spoon. I can’t wait to try it!

Moon Souls Crystal Point Soap


So, I maybe a little bit forgot to take an individual picture of this awesome soap before immediately using it and making it less cute. I apologize for this cropped picture, BUT, that doesn’t mean I love it any less than the rest of these products. This cute handmade soap smells gently of grapefruit, and looks way better in my soap dish than any other boring bar. I’m definitely a fan!

That’s the whole round-up of items, if you’re into spiritual energy stuff like this, I strongly suggest looking into this box. I’m so thrilled with everything inside. I’m working on meditating more and being more grounded in life, and these are really helpful tools for that.

If there are any monthly boxes you think are interesting and would like me to look into, let me know!

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