Fridaye’s Favorite Things: 0.38

New Year Edition

2017 is just a day away! This week I have a few favorite things for helping with resolutions and starting the year off strong! These are all thing’s I’m personally finding helpful, because truth bomb – I need to get my sh*t together and figure things out 😀 hah!



Via the Apple Store

This app called Balanced! Unfortunately it’s only for iOS, but I’m sure there’s something similar for Android. You can put reminders for things you want to get done during your day in this easy to use app. You can specify how many times you want to do something a day, week, month, or year. It prioritizes the list by how often you say you want to get something done. I’m definitely going to be using this starting immediately!


Via Amazon

You’re probably going, “Daye, wtf this is so boring why are you telling me about it”. To which my response is, “I’m getting old and my kitchen cabinets look like a 4 year old is in charge of them!!!!” Seriously, our pot and pan situation is a nightmare and this rack (or like 4) would be a total life saver! I have a theory that if my physical world is less of a mess, maybe my brain will be more organized as well. 😛


Via Amazon

So, I love Sara Bareilles a lot. Girl speaks right to the darkest parts of some of my pain. But even if you’re like meh, whatever about her music, I seriously recommend this book! I started it forever ago, and put it down and never went back to it. I’m so glad I’m finishing it as this year winds down and I’m feeling the pressures of “where the hell am I going in life??” Her personal journey is something I think any kind of artist can relate to; or really, anyone who experiences self doubt. She’s honest, and raw, and funny and inspirational.

Now, I know I’ve posted about Passion Planner before, and I don’t care that I’m doing it again. I seriously think they’re the best. Schedule your life, plan and schedule your goals, stay motivated and on top of things.


Hi! I need this quote a lot, do you? This is going to be a big priority for me this year. It’s a constant struggle, lets be honest. So, I’m saying right here and now that this is something I’m going to really work on, starting now. 

That’s all I’ve got for this week, are there any tools that help you stay organized and motivated? Please share with me in the comments!



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