Dayet Night

Snaps for all my single readers sailing through Feb. 14th solo! Being single doesn’t mean we can’t treat ourselves, so make sure you indulge in some self love this Valentine’s Day! Posting today about how I like to spend my nights in, whether I’m solo or sharing the couch 😀 (also Daye-t night… get it? Cuz it’s a date night…with myself? 😀 😀 😀 )

Okay, so real talk, I’m a total absolute homebody. I do not like leaving the house haha. Therefore, this post covers my bread and butter of weekend evenings 😛 Below I’ve created an ideal outfit (read: typical outfit) for a night in!

A Dayet Night
First tip for staying in: YOU DON’T HAVE TO MATCH ONE DAMN BIT! Muahaha. I like pushing pattern boundaries anyways, but when you’re inside all night, throw all “fashion rules” out the window and live it up!
Secondly, how COMFY does that awesome sweater look? Like a blanket with arms I’d say. For pants…you can almost always find me at home in one of my many fun pairs of leggings, also comfy! The whole point of this outfit is comfort. Which is where this bra comes into play. I adore this style, they cover the conventions of having to wear a bra while also feeling like you’re not wearing one. Often times, I feel trapped and suffocated in regular bras, so I wear these every chance I get. And oddly, since they’re often lacy and cute, it looks like I’m trying harder to look nice; when really I’m being as lazy I can get away with without flying braless.
Lastly, socks. I don’t know about you, but my feets are always cold. Also I LOVE fun socks! I had to pick these cute kitty ones for this particular post, because duh my blog and cats and you get it.
So this outfit covers my nights in solo, however, it wouldn’t change one bit if I were spending time at home with someone. This is just what in home date night would look like. You know why? Because anyone who gets to have a date night with me, better be down with my weirdness – ya hear? I’m not compromising my comfort for anyyyybody thank you! And neither should they! If you happen to have a dude to spend time with, I have a special code for him to get 20% off comfy underthings at Tommy John! Code —>>>[NEW20] So treat yourself, treat him – nobody should sacrifice comfort for fashion!!! 😀
brb I’m gunna go find some cat socks…

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