Oh My Cat!


Oh My Cat – The one stop shop for goodies for both you and your feline companions! This adorable shop just launched on March 11th, and I had the pleasure of sampling some of their fun items. 🙂 Just look at this adorable catnip donut for the kitties (because I love donuts, and they should too); as well as these fun kitty magnetic bookmarks for me! Reading, donuts, and cats – talk about a personal trifecta! I know it’s usually letting the cat out of the bag that causes a stir, but when I let this donut out – oh boy did the cats come running!



I WASN’T EVEN JOKING A LITTLE BIT! This was seconds after unwrapping their delicious treat.


Just look at these monsters 🙂


INTRODUCING: Flitwick, the newest addition to the fam. and donut hoarder extraordinaire. Don’t worry bud, that’s how possessive I am about my donuts too ❤



Cats in books! Yay!

These are just some of the awesome items you can find at Oh My Cat! It’s brilliant that they provide for both cat lovers and the cats we love. Well played! Fun fact: the donut is made with Eco-felt and infused with organic catnip! Only providing the best for our friends 🙂 I’ve literally never seen these cats go more nuts over a toy, they give it 4 paws up!

Find Oh My Cat around the internets!

Instagram: @ohmycatshop
Twitter: @ohmycatshop
Now excuse me while I go find some donuts…




Fuzz demonstrates how one should properly eat a donut.

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