Tale as Old as Time 


“Off to the cupboard with you now, Chip!”

Beauty and the Beast is has officially arrived! Apparently it’s the first movie my mom ever took me to as a child, so that’s pretty neat! I always loved Mrs. Potts and Chip, so I’m incredibly excited to share this genderbent Chip outfit with you!!! I’m not sure what it qualifies as….DisneyBound? Cosplay? Cotton Candy-headed awesomeness? (Real talk I want this hair!!!) But here it is, in all its glory 🙂

Designed by me, skirt, headband, and earrings all crafted by my incredibly talented mother – all of the snaps and claps to her; I really gotta learn how to sew myself you guys.

Pictures by the marvelous Tara Jayne



“All right, now, Chip.  That’ll do. Slowly, now.  Don’t spill!”

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