Once Upon a Dream


It’s a Sleeping Beauty/Briar Rose/Aurora Disneybound! Man, this chick’s got a lot of names 😀

 For Easter this year, my parents and I went to a Disney Critter Character Brunch at the Grand Californian Hotel. And yes, we were the sole, shameless group of adults amongst a sea of families with small children, and we loved it! haha What can I say, we are just one big Disney lovin’ family. My dad even dressed in purple to be my Maleficent while my mom went for a woodsy ensemble 😀 I am so thrilled I found this excellent Disneybound in my closet! The only thing to make it better would be some more woodland creature accessories, and maybe a Prince? (nah, who needs em!) Shout-out to my mom for taking all these photos!

This Look: Blouse//Avenle – Corset Top//Black Milk Clothing – Jacket//F21 


SPECIAL BONUS: Enjoy this video where Pluto becomes my Prince Charming, and my mom starts singing the wrong song 😛 ❤


Sorry it’s so big, I don’t know how to do things.

What Disneybound do you want to see me do next?!




One thought on “Once Upon a Dream

  1. I love this look!! I’ve been wanting to do Briar Rose for really long time, it’s one of my favorite Disney looks of all time. ❤️


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