Just a Wallflower – DIY

“Like wildflowers; You must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would.”
― E.V

Read below to find out how to make your own jar of wallflowers! 🙂

This particular DIY was inspired by this Pinterest find, and I kind of just… made up how to do it along the way! 😀


 From left to right*:

  1. Fake flowers of your choosing (found at any art supplies store (such as Michael’s and Jo Ann Fabrics)
  2. Wooden plaque – I got mine at Michael’s
  3. Find an image of a jar you want to imitate, then print it in an appropriate size
  4. Any color string, like you use to make friendship bracelets etc.
  5. Nails & a hammer (I have a set of Ikea all size nails etc from other projects)

*Also pictured is a bottle of brown acrylic paint and a brush. I was going to try and texturize the wood, but when I tested it out, I didn’t like it, and abandoned the idea.


Tape your jar image to the wood


Hammer in nails at various intervals, following along the lines of the jar image. Obviously, I couldn’t follow every line in my image, otherwise it would just be a solid mass of nails next to each other and I wouldn’t be able to wrap the string around them. Also, don’t hammer the nails too far in, then stems of your flowers wont be able to fit underneath the string.

You can see in the image below I used the image as more of a guideline. Once all the nails are in place, rip of the paper!


Wrap that string! I tried it a few different ways before figuring out what I liked visually. I wrapped the string two or three times around two nails before moving on to the next set.


Once you finish wrapping and tying off the string, it’s time to add your flowers! Cut the stems to an appropriate size, and arrange them to your aesthetic desires 🙂 What’s fun is that you can change the flowers all year long and keep the piece looking fresh 😉 AND the flowers will never die!

You’ll most likely have to add wall hanging hardware to the back of the wood. I am no expert on that, as I did a makeshift, probably not-right-at-all job with mine; so you might want to go elsewhere for those instructions.


And there you have it, a brand new springtime decoration for your home! The whole process probably took me less than an hour; and it’s really satisfying hammering all those nails!



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