Fridaye’s Favorite Things: 0.39

This Etsy store has the most beautiful crystal chandeliers! They’re simple and delicate and I want them all over my apartment. I love crystals and I’ve never seen anything like these before. There are even some with lights intertwined!

THIS IS SO ADORABLE!!! A whimsical Ford Anglia brooch for all my Harry Potter lovers!

Now for some Disney.. how impressive is this wire ring?? This Etsy shop is full of creative wire designs of all different types, they’re all so fun!

I wish I went to the beach/pool more so I had an excuse to buy some of these awesome towels! I don’t know when this round towel/shaped towel style became a thing, but I am very much on board!

I really love this small self-care guide, I wholeheartedly agree with all it’s suggestions. No purchase required with this favorite thing 😉



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