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Sit back

Thanks to Tidy Cats, I’m reviewing two different types of subscription boxes that are making my life easier, and giving me more time to take care of me, while helping others!

Read more to learn more about Tidy Cats Direct, and the Backup Box from No Kitchen Sink πŸ™‚ Also learn about a sweet giveaway to help make your life easier!

Tidy Cats Direct


tidy cats direct

This system has made my life so much easier! No litter to worry about buying (or storing if you’re in a living situation with limited storage like me!). No box to worry about scrubbing clean (ick). And it’s all delivered right to your door! Your feline friends will never suffer again because of a busy schedule or forgetful brain (two things I definitely have πŸ˜› )

They’ve really thought about everything with this product. The box has an anti-leak coating that holds up superbly, there’s plenty of litter inside, and it’s made up of your dependable and odor-containing Tidy Cats variety of course!


Next up… 

The Backup Box





Pastel Fashion Photo Grid Mood Board Photo Collage

Everything about this box is a huge hell yes for me personally! Things I am always trying to work on are giving back, and also being better at self-care//being kind to myself. This box takes care of these plus more!

  • 10% of proceeds are donated to a humanitarian organization and it supports small women-owned businesses (giving back – check!)
  • The goodies inside are curated to help support women’s own inherent magic (love me some personal magic support!) as well as self-care, self-love and unity (taking care of myself – check!)
  • There’s a monthly mission encouraged to be shared with the goal of creating a supportive and intersectional community of women working on self-love, cultural progression, and empowerment (giving to a community and helping me be the best version of myself – check again!)

The awesomeness of this box knows no bounds. The website itself calls it a “practical monthly support system” and I think there’s no better way to describe it! Please check out the site and read more about it, or stay tuned for a more in-depth post from me gushing over every item in this box – coming soon!

Who would’ve thought my life would be made easier and more joyful by a couple of boxes! We often get so caught up in our busy lives, we can barely take care of ourselves, let alone help others in need. Tidy Cats Direct makes sure my feline family members are always living in comfort and style, and The Backup Box helps me stay on top of things, while giving back to others! It may sound silly but even the small time this saves give me the chance to do the things I love; reading, cooking a nice, healthy meal, taking a walk. You know, some more of that self-care stuff I’m working on πŸ™‚

What would you do with more free time??


Tidy Cats is helping me make YOUR life easier as well! One lucky winner will receive one Tidy Cats Direct box shipped to their front door, and.. AND a year long Amazon Prime membership!!! Let me tell you, I have one of those and it sure as heck makes my life easier! Here’s how to enter:

  • Make sure you follow me on Instagram: @Dayebraham_lincoln
  • Find my Tidy Cats Direct post
    • Like it!
    • Comment what you would do with more free time!
    • Tag a friend who you think deserves some free time too!
  • A winner will be chosen July 10th! πŸ™‚






*sponsered by Tidy Cats 



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