Hello again darling, magical humans!

i think I'm back blogging

It’s been so long since we last chatted!!! To be honest, I just lost my drive for the blog life; and a lot of my blogging content moved solely on Instagram as a mini blog – BUT THE DRIVE IS BACK! With a little bit of a focus shift (but honestly it’s not a surprising one)

My love (and concern) for the Earth has reached an all time high, and I feel driven to work harder to change my lifestyle to meet her needs. So I will henceforth be using this blog as a space to document my journey of living a more fashion eco-friendly and plastic free life! This isn’t going to be some blog about my expert advice on how to live plastic free – the idea of that OVERWHELMS me, plus I’m on a budget friends, no over-night life changes here.

This is a blog for my accountability. I have put this desired change OUT THERE and people (maybe) have read it, and I am determined to make a change in myself and my life. And maybe people will like how I do this, or the products I find, or the companies/humans I suggest as mentors on this journey.

I’m still going to mini-blog on Instagram mostly, but I will post monthly updates here on the bloggity blog to let you know how it’s going!

My current plan of attack is to change/replace 1 to 2 things a month in my life and around the house. This way it’s easier on my budget (cuz face the facts, cheap is what got us in this plastic mess, but getting us out of it sometimes means spending more $$$!), and it’s easier on my brain that tries to tell me CHANGE IS EVIL.

I will leave you with a few inspiring sources I have been devouring the last week since making the choice to truly commit to this!

Great Eco Fashion Tips from Benita Robledo

Amazing Zero Waste Blog + DIYs

Easy Eco Tips

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