Fridaye’s Favorite Things: 0.35 – Goddess Box Edition

You Goddess, You!

I had the pleasure of unboxing and reviewing this month’s Goddess Provisions box! This was such an exciting box to get, full of wonderful and fun goddess goodies; look below for details and an unboxing video!


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Fridaye’s Favorite Things: 0.34



Be still my 8 year old, sticker crazed, rainbow kitten loving heart!!! Macy’s has Lisa Frank CLOTHING and I am losing my mind. I would like it all now, please, thank you, yes I know my generation has a growing up issue EVERYTHING IS FINE, OKAY?! heh 😀

Beautiful, simple, elegant.

Well yes please and thank you, I would like a Harry Potter House letterman’s style jacket. I only wish the Ravenclaw was more of a Royal Blue.

This is by far, something I need to have in my life ASAP. This is the CRE8 candle from Soul Terra and it’s to help promote your artistic abilities and theres a crystal inside waiting for you to set it free! My hippie-healing heart is singing.

I’m ending with this amazing pin from Daisy Natives. I think we all need one. ❤



Fridaye’s Favorite Things: 0.33

These 40s Willow Tulips Booties are real eye-catchers at your feet! Don’t these babies just put you in a good mood? Made from a sturdy ivory white fabric, dark red piping, coral pink scalloped trims and a stunning flower print. The shoelaces with tassels give it an extra classy vintage touch, só cute! Thanks to the comfy padded footbed you can wear them for hours. Convinced?   Wooden heel Round noses Anti-skid outsole

The above is from the Top Vintage website itself, but here’s what I have to say. HOLY COW these are the most scrumptious shoes. Adorable and fun pattern with a vintage look. I also adore the tassel tie at the front. These shoes are definitely going top of the”not a need, but definitely a want” list!

Source: 40s Willow Tulips Booties in Ivory

Wire Wrapped Amethyst Point and Rainbow Aura Chalcedony Rose Accent with Star Design and Hand Stamped Floppy Disk Shutter Piece

These beautiful and fun pieces of jewelry also contain recycled bits of floppy disk! Usually used for a hand stamped tag. I love amethyst and I think this whole line is a nice spin on stone/crystal jewelry. Check them out!

Need I say more? Fatally Feminine is full of hand crafted jewelry looking real and delicious enough to eat. I had the hardest time just choosing which image to use in this post! I definitely suggest checking out the whole shop – there’s even an Alice in Wonderland inspired line!

May I please have all the Golden Ponies’ shoes, all the time? These boots are outrageous, and I don’t know where I would wear them, or how often I would wear them, but I see them and I want them. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, right?

Not shoes or jewelry, but cheese. Okay not really. But seriously Cakeworthy?? You now carry products from my two favorite (and two often forgotten) Disney movies! First, Emperor’s New Groove, and now Goofy Movie! Thank you Cakeworthy for representing the forgotten stories and giving us a way to celebrate them.

That’s it for this week, have you discovered anything new an awesome? Let me know in the comments!



Fridaye’s Favorite Things: 0.32


I’m really digging this list of 42 literary quotes via BuzzFeed Books. I love quotes and there’s always something romantic and nostalgic about summer, so this is a good thing to have a list of!

I’m really into Bob’s Burgers at the moment, so naturally… this mug. I recommend it; it’s super bizarre and I find it hilarious. The show I mean. But also the mug. 


This Herbology chart is so awesome, I feel like a lot of people wouldn’t even realize they were fake plants at first! Well… except for maybe the Mandrake…

I die, I die – just look at the cute little Triceratops! Ahhh I just wanna hug and squeeze him. But, since that’s not really possible, I would definitely settle for this pin.

I saved the best for last. THESE CANDLE SKILLS ARE AMAZING! People are so talented. Not only that, but people are so talented at the most unique things! I’ve watched this video more than once, I find the process so fascinating. Now you too, can enjoy 🙂