The ‘Fall’ of the Animal Cosmetic Industry

Autumn is an exciting time to be thankful for beauty products that leave us feeling fresh and glowing.  

The unfortunate truth is that animals may have died to test the eyeshadow or lip shade you’ve been wanting to try. Even today in what feels like an era when technology rules the day, animals are used to assess the safety of many cosmetics and personal care products.


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More Sleep, Less Stress

As someone who both stresses easily, and doesn’t sleep enough… I’m finally owning up to the fact that there’s definitely a correlation here 😀 The amazing infographic below explains it WAY better than I can (and it’s pretty too!) I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I’m fed up with my own bullshit that leaves me making my own life harder. How ridiculous is that?? I am the cause of 80% of my unhappiness, and yet I don’t change anything?! No more, I’m over it, I’m taking charge. And how nice that I can start by just sleeping more – hey, that’s a pretty easy fix! So, take a look at the infographic, and join me in deciding just to catch a few more zzzz’s for the benefit of both my skin and mood. Cuz man, I can’t get anything done when I’m stressed out!



Self Care Support

Mental health has been on my brain as of late; in a good and productive kind of way! I was recently invited to be on a panel at TwitchCon this past weekend, and we discussed creating a community of support in the gaming community. It was an incredibly informative panel and I just want to say here, I’m absolutely on board when it comes to breaking the stigma around mental health. For information regarding creating a supportive community, check out this page —>>>

This brings me to a second point! Before we can help others, we need to take care of ourselves. I’ve taken a step back from blogging as of late, because the stress of trying to fit it into my schedule just wasn’t healthy. But recently, this something came across my path and I really wanted to share!
Treating yourself is super important. Some people consider it to be selfish, but in reality taking care of yourself is important for all facets of your life. If you find yourself stressed a lot lately or unable to relax, a lot of the time it’s because you’re in need of some TLC!
Of course, knowing you need to take care of yourself is one thing. (and if you’re like me, sometimes the concept is altogether unsettling and you have to deal with overcoming that first!)  But brainstorming the best way to do so is another thing! Because, Gifts has created an interactive guide to help you pick the best self care idea for you. There are over 90 options to choose from, with ideas ranging from stargazing outside to seeing a stand-up comedy show. Plus, there are some inspiring quotes sprinkled throughout to help you stay inspired (and I love me some quotes), giving you no excuse not to do something nice for yourself this weekend! So please check out this guide; it’s fun and it’s important to remember you deserve to relax and do things for yourself 🙂

Keeping Track of Tidy-ness

There’s a new Tidy Cats litter in town, and it’s blocking bad ammonia smells like a badass! Tidy Cats has provided me with the new Tidy Cats LightWeight with Ammonia Blocker! It does such a good job, I have to keep track of litter cleaning in my new bullet journal! I’m genuinely so grateful for how powerful this stuff is, when used as directed, the Tidy Lock technology is guaranteed to block ammonia odor for two weeks! I lose track of time, and days, and cleaning becomes a thing I’m not so great at 😦 I’m trying to change my ways however, and embarking on a Bullet Journal journey to help keep me on track and my place clean! Read below for more info on bullet journals, a giveaway, and tidying up stanky smells!

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