Fridaye’s Favorite Things: 0.31

I’m obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and now I am obsessed with this pin. It’s so perfect and I need it for my future pin/patch covered jacket 😀

These rings are bizarre, and a little creepy, and a little whimsical, and there’s something about that combination that’s just pulling me to them.

Mermaid ring! I want to be a mermaid, so I want the mermaid ring. She just looks like she has a great time, all the time, am I right?

Have you seen these yet!?!!??? They’re these unassuming bag-like things, then you open them up and whip them like a trash bag, they fill with air, you close it, and you lounge on it!! What?! Genius I say! They look perfect for summer shenanigans (aka napping everywhere) They’re a touch pricey, but these are on sale at Zulily right now!


Via Avenle

Speaking of perfect summer vibes – how amazing is this dress from one of my faves, Avenle?! Great summer florals, flowy and comfy. A perfect romantic bohemian combination. ❤

That’s all for today!