A Caturday Unboxing – KitNipBox


Happy Caturday! Recently, Fuzz and I were lucky enough to try out KitNipBox! Well, really, Fuzz got to try all the goodies, and I watched him have his fun and took pictures 🙂 Read below to find out about a special discount code!

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Fridaye’s Favorite Things: 0.29


flower cat

 Look at this adorable sketch. I’m quite feeling the childlike whimsy of all the art in this Etsy shop!

Boom Boom – Ravenclaw Pride! I love this and how it looks so official. Like one of those old rings used to stamp wax for envelopes. quote

Not exactly a product you can own, but definitely a favorite of mine right now! So often I stop myself from doing things because I don’t feel ready or like I’ve perfected it enough. Well guess what, then I never do or create anything! Sometimes, you just have to go for it 😀

If you’ve been following my Instagram posts the last few days, you’ll have noticed I’m doing #The100DaysProject. I’ve decided to practice my lettering/water color skills, and this brush was recommended to me by the fabulous Amy Tangerine. So now I must seek out and own it!


Okay okay. So, there’s a chance you’ve heard of this genius piece of theatre by now, but if not, I’m here to educate. I’ve been obsessing over this musical for months and months now and for some reason only just thinking to share it here. It’s about Alexander Hamilton (yes, that dude on the $10 bill) and the music is mostly RAP. Yes. A rap musical about the founding fathers. Ridiculous you say? Ridiculously amazing I say. Lin-Manuel Miranda has created a historical piece of historical art. Listen here.

That’s all I have this week, what’s something you’re loving right now? Let me know in the comments! 😀




KittyKitty Box + Giveaway!

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 3.16.14 AM

Subscribe to this monthly box of kitty inspired goodies and you help Kitty Kitty help actual kitties! Via the Kitty Kitty website –> “EVERY MONTH WE PICK A DIFFERENT 100% VOLUNTEER-RUN, INDEPENDENT, NO-KILL, NON-PROFIT CAT ORGANIZATION AND GIVE THEM A BUNCH OF MONIES.” 2% of every penny earned to be exact!

They have a great mission, they have monthly themes, they have purrtners, and they have really awesome stuff for you!

And I have awesome news for you – I’m teaming up with KittyKitty so that one awesome follower gets a free KittyKitty box next month! See below for details 🙂


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