Fridaye’s Favorite Things: #13

Just some cute flats being cute. I love the detail of the embroidered back. It’s kind of a crazy pattern, but because it’s on a smaller section of the shoe it’s very understated and not too much. These could go with most outfits.

I mean come on. I’m starting to really want a jacket or vest for awesome patches. Because patches like this exist and it’s fantastic.

Via Unique Vintage

Pizza umbrella, Pizza umbrella, Pizza umbrella. So I don’t love that the little skulls because that’s never quite been my style; but I do love that it’s a pizza umbrella. So I’m super totally cool with the  skulls. Because pizza umbrella.

Via Choies

This shirt is adorable. It’s so fun, I’d love to pair it with a high waisted midi skirt and dress it up some!

Via Tattoo Tattaa

I’m not sure – but I don’t think a cuter temporary cat tattoo exists out there in the world. Tattoo Tattaa has a plethora of great, quirky temporary tattoos just waiting for you.



Spring Trend Rundown

Spring is finally here! I’m not one to follow trends, or pay attention to them in the slightest. I tend to see something I like and go with it; if it happens to be a mainstream at the time, then so be it. However, I figured since I’m running this fashion/style blog and all now, I should at least have an IDEA of what’s happening. For your sake and mine.

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