Good Nights Skin


WOAH! Coming back atchya with my first post in  f o r e v e r!  Hello! I hope you’re well 😀 I’m here to share about this lovely face serum from Virginic. It’s me you’re talking to (reading from?) so you know this goodness is cruelty free, it’s also vegan! Now I know there are a million face serums and oils out there, I know. But the one thing that stands out to me about this product, is that even though it’s an oil, it’s light enough that I don’t feel like my bedsheets are in imminent danger. Usually when I wear an oil on my face to bed, I put a towel down over my pillow. YES really! That’s a thing I do! I’m afraid I’ll get my pillow case oily and gross. With the Virginic Face Serum however, I really don’t fear that. My face doesn’t feel crazy oily and I wake up in the morning with it soft and smooth. And as someone who is starting to freak out over the sudden appearance of wrinkles, this is a very very nice thing.

So check out the product, see what awesome goodies are all packed inside and see for yourself! AND if you’re still unsure, these awesome people have given me TWO face serums to giveaway! Just go to me instagram to see how to enter!

Good Luck! Stay magical!




Fridaye’s Favorite Things: 0.27

This Llamarama collection from Danica Studio – are you kidding me?!! I’m dead, I already own the small pencil pouch and I don’t want to stop. Shower curtains, aprons, welcome mats and more – I want them all.

Vintage Harry Potter alphabet cards! How cute and amazing and awesome and totally perfect in honor of Wizarding World of Harry Potter opening in Hollywood yesterday! (as if I need a special occasion to post Harry Potter related items 😉 )


I found this website and I was blown away. I think I’m obsessed with literally everything. All the pins. All the patches. Gimme.



A site just for me. A strange woman and bizarre babe. Now I can advertise it. Super into it – thank you!


Okay, not a site of products, but this blog is my new favorite thing. (Obviously. It’s on my list of favorite things) It lists cruelty free and vegan products. Suzi, who runs it, reviews all kinds of makeup and skin care products and beyond. It’s the mecca of cruelty-free/vegan products and information, all at your fingertips. Yes, please. I’m in the process of trying to switch over all my makeup to be more conscious of whats going in them and how they are created. I recently bought a bunch of new products to try and can’t wait to review them here!

That’s all for this week!